Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hand in - Project Proposal

Design Question:
How technology can create a more intimate relationship between pets and their owner?

Petio Game
A video game that allows the pet and owner interact together.

To build up any form of relationship requires time and interactions. Video game can be an immersive interactive programme. Whilst it is engaging, the two players or multiplayer gaming can encourage bonding between individuals. I proposed to introduce video game as a medium to communicate between the pet and the owner, encouraging time and interactions between the two, regardless of direct or indirect interactions.

Petio Game requires two players, the pet and the owner. The main player is the owner, who is in charge of the character controls (walk, jump, attack etc). The pet however, does not control the movement of the avatar, but its activities can affect the character's condition, as well as the game environment.

My target pet will be a rat. Rat's daily basic activities includes eating, drinking, exercising, and sleeping. Sensors will be set up inside of the cage to sense different activities of the rat, and each activity being sensed causes real time changes to the game elements. The rat's interaction with the game has not only provides the game with constant changes that induce greater amount of challenge to the player, but from the avatar's condition and the game environment the owner will be able acknowledge his rat's current condition, gaining a better understanding about his pet.

Pet owners involve both male and female, therefore it is important that the game art design is suitable for both sexes. The proposed aesthetic for game environment will be of a clean, crisp, 2D visual style. The foreground and background will be distinguished by the various color tones, such as bold, striking colors will be used for the foreground to stand out on top of the plain but colorful backgrounds. The game genre will be strategic action game that requires the player to navigate a game level, avoiding obstacles, and combatting enemies to get to a finishing point. In order to complete the game, it requires “teamwork” between the pet and the owner.

Petio Game aims to establish a stronger bond between the pet and the owner. It provides an opportunity for the two to engage in the same enjoyment, introducing a greater amount of time and interactions between them and from these encouraging a more intimate relationship between the pet and the owner.

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