Sunday, August 9, 2009

game art and environment inspiration : Patapon

Patapon is a rhythm- action, real-time strategy game, with some RPG (role-playing game) elements included in the mix. The game is presented in a cartoonish, silhouetted tow-dimensional environment. The success of the game lies with its innovative and engaging gameplay, as well as its superb art design.

Patapon reveal itself with its incredibly playful visuals and audio. It has a clean, crisp 2D visual style with an infectiously cute design ethos. Color tones were used to distinguish between the foreground and background. Bold, Striking colors were used for the foreground that makes it stand out on top of some plain but colorful backgrounds. A metronomic beat is played constantly in the background audio, and the player can influence the beat by issuing commands. There are six different beats that translate to six different movements, which the player has to issue commands by inputing specific sequences using the face buttons on the PSP in time with the drum rhythm.

Each level of the game is constructed and designed with a specific color theme, which presents a variety of environmental atmosphere to the player. Environmental weather conditions also play a significant part in its level design, such as scorching desert sands that prevent your tribesmen's progress, or winds that affect the range of your weapons. With these design elements, they have added a sense of uniqueness to it's already visually appealing level design.

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